Here you are, gamers and non, a jumping off point for all things ultramodern and post-apocalyptic. Enjoy!

General: , the website for the Deathlands novels.  Chock full of information, background, characters, etc. The Deathlands web survival guide on this site is full of useful info. If you've never read any of the Deathlands books, pick up one or two.  The'yre really gritty and nasty.
The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid - home to all info on the computer game that inspired us all, Wasteland.

No Mutants Allowed - home to megs of info about the Fallout series of games, the descendant of Wasteland.

PA - Post Apocalyptic Media.  Dot Com.  What more needs to be said?   They've got info on practically everything you could be looking for there, genre wise. - If you're a true fan of the B's, this is the site for you. They've got almost all of 'em.

Gaming & Miniatures    

Okay folks, before you utilize these links please read the "Stretching your Gaming Dollar" article in the articles section.

When we started running our own games, we utilized whatever we had on hand at the time or purchased at swap meets, but we always lamented the lack of post-apocalyptic figures out there.  You won't have that problem with these links, and it'll be really tempting.  

The Agony Booth - Another great "B Movie" site, with longer and more in-depth reviews. -  Detective/Pulp era miniatures sculpted by Bob Murch of RAFM's Call of Cthulhu fame.  Our game will work with most modern era  scenarios, so this might be one of the ones you'd like to try.
RAFM Miniatures - ....Speaking of which, RAFM now makes a line of ultramodern miniatures that might suit your needs.  They're tall - around 30mm, but could fit into your game.
The Foundry -  The price is up there, but the quality matches it and more.  You'll want to check out the "Street Violence" line.  "Post Apocalyptic" comes in many flavors here.

The Assault Group - These guys have "soldier" and guerilla minis for almost every modern theater and conflict.  And if you want weapons packs?  Boy, do they make weapons packs....

Copplestone Castings - Their Future Wars line is similar in price to foundry, also very high quality. 
Hassle Free Miniatures - These folks make interesting and unique individual characters, and are well worth checking out.  Need a coy asian schoolgirl mini with an SMG?  Yup, they got one. Very high quality minitures. 
Ground Zero Games -  Need oddball heroes or villains?  Need interesting and unique NPC's, rioters, bits, politicians and their "escorts", aliens, crewmen, etc?   This is the site for you. 
Eureka Miniatures -  You'll find the oddest stuff here from a variety of periods.  They even have a setup where they'll custom-make requests.  If they can get enough pre-orders, they'll make the figs no matter how weird the concept.   This has given them quite an inventory of unique miniatures.
Cold War Miniatures -  Need a horde of very unique looking zombies?   Here they are. 
Mongrel Miniatures - Lots of Afghan, Soviet, East German, Israeli stuff, etc
Old Crow Models -  Resin vehicles with an ultramodern flair. Their modular approach allows them to create a wide variety of variants.  Highest quality resin models I've ever seen.
DLD Productions -  Among many others, these folks have a model that's pretty close to a commando scout car.
Sloppy Jalopy -  For YEARS I looked for a 28mm (or so) model of a Soviet BTR-70.  No luck anywhere.  Well, you don't have to turn over every rock like I did.  They have it and more.


Here are a few links that might inspire, inform,  or maybe just make you laugh.

Ainsty -  These guys make the terrain pieces that will wow 'em.  From urban features to wrecked cars to tire walls,  these guys are a MUST SEE.
Damnation Alley Landmaster Page -  THE definitive site on this classic vehicle.  Lots of info and photos.  If you ever want to try your hand at modelling it or just admire from afar, here's your reference.
Mad Max Vehicles Page -  Awesome, with many photos and links to other cool Mad Max sites.
Reconnaissance in Force - My friend Vince's website.  If you want to see what our game group has been up to, this is the place.  Check out "Wastelands and Trailer Parks".  This page is no longer up and the link here is purely out of homage.
Renderosity.Com, SydneyKeys' Gallery -   This is the online art gallery of a very talented CGI artist of my acquaintance. 

Terragenesis.   An excellent site on how to do your own sci-fi modelling from scratch. Many articles.

The Greenbier Hotel - A secret government hideaway "vault" for congress  This site gives a write-up
Greenbrier Photos - a private party who visited offers an extensive photo gallery of the inside of this intriguing place.

EM4 Miniatures  - The old "Grenadier Future Warriors" Are Back!   And EM4's got 'em.

Post-Nuke - a home-brew online comic book set after the bomb.

My Friend Max's Gaming Blog   Mostly 6mm Sci Fi, but other stuff also
Derelict London   Are you unfortunate enough to lack a rundown part of town where you live to use as reference material?   Well, your troubles are over now! - One of the best, if not THE best derelict urban sites on the net.  Old Pubs, forgotten tube stations, rotted-out power plants, you name it!
Post Apocalyptic Forge - Lots of good material here for post-apocalyptic gamers.  Articles, utilities, all good stuff here.

Miller Engineering.   This company makes tiny, battery powered neon signs in scale.  We used several of these in our "Zombietown" urban setup.  They cost a bit, but are SUPER HOT looking when assembled.  For sheer urban "Punk Out" factor, they can't be beat!

ZOMBIE MINIATURE REVIEW PAGE.   Shows painted examples of zombie miniatures currently on the market, with links.  They've got 'em all.

Red Star Miniatures - 28 mm Chechen wars Russians and Chechens.  Plus resin eastern bloc vehicles.  Great for your "Red Dawn" game, or for armed suvivalists and guerillas and, strangely enough, Chechnia.  Great figs. 

Lead Adventure - Not to be confused with Lead Adventure Forum, which is also a great site.  This store carries great PA figures.  Atomic Mobs, Road Guards, and best of all, a set of post apocalyptic merchants!  The "Children of the Zone" are more Zombie than Mutant, but what the hell, zombies are also immensely cool. - Camo patterns from around the world!  A real time-saving lookup for when you start painting your figs!

28mm Terminator-Like Endoskeletons  - Since leading edge went ker-flush, there was a real need for "terminator like" endoskeletons to stalk your personal hellscape.  From the Chronoscope line, these more than fit the bill.  Work good for Rifts skelebots too. My recommendation is to order them through your local hobby store before going to the 'Net.  Support your local gamer hangout first.

Terminator Flying HK model  - an actual resin mini of a terminator flying HK if you don't wanna scratchbuild one or use a toy.  7 inches long, it oughtta fit right in.  This site has been up for a long time so I don't know if they have any on hand to buy.  Give 'em a try.